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Expander manufactures reliable, green, renewable energy from four unique propriety processes.

Imagine taking waste products and low value feedstock and converting it into low carbon, high quality fuel. The benefits are enormous:

  • Sources for clean, renewable energy
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Reduce forestry wood waste and landfill destined wood-waste
  • Meets global requirements for low carbon fuel standards for marine, aviation and land transport


Using a similar technology to our GTL process, Expander’s BGTL™ process can produce synthetic fuel from a variety of biomass feedstocks, including wood waste from municipal landfills, forests, agriculture, industrial sources and sludge. Biomass is converted into a syngas through gasification and then converted into SynDiesel® or SynJet® through a Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process.

Expander Energy Technology
Expander Energy Integrated BGTL Solution


Expander developed Enhanced GTL technology capable of turning natural gas and NGLs into high-quality synthetic fuels trademarked SynDiesel® or SynJet®. This is a new generation of clean burning, high quality fuel that contains no sulphur, seriously reduces NOx, particulates, unburned hydrocarbons and CO. It can be used at any blending rate up to 100% in current and future diesel engines, and distributed, stored and dispensed through existing infrastructure.

We are building Canada’s first Enhanced Gas to Liquids (EGTL™) facility, through our commercial affiliate Rocky Mountain GTL, capable of producing ~470 BPD of synthetic fuel. Our production target for the new plant is in late 2019.

Expander Energy Technology


The Biomass Gasification Technology converts woodchips and other biomass into high quality, tar free syngas. It is at the core of our BGTL™ process, as well as an innovative process to power electricity generation.

Expander is working together with our European partner, Air Technic to expand this technology in North America. Air Technic has successfully employed this technology to achieve commercial operation of four power plants in Europe. The power plants (~1 to 4 MWe) have achieved full design capacity and demonstrated commercial reliability for continuous, prime power operation. Expander plans to use this proven gasification technology in our BGTL™ facilities, as well as put it in 1 to 10 MWe biomass power plants.


Expander’s FTCrude® technology is a process that can transform the refining and shipping of heavy oil and bitumen. Using FTCrude® technology to convert the asphalt portion of the bitumen barrel (25%) to a lighter and cleaner product, diluent is no longer required, freeing up to 30% more capacity in the pipeline, thereby making transportation more efficient and less expensive. And using the FTCrude® process in refining means no coker, no production of petcoke and no release of sulphur and CO2 when petcoke is burned, making the entire process much cleaner.

Expander Energy Technology

Expander’s FTCrude® process makes Alberta bitumen the cleanest oil in the world.

Expander Energy Technology

Consumers and Governments worldwide are looking for solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Expander has them right now.