• Expander Energy Engineering

Expander Energy, through Expander Engineering Services Inc., provides engineering services from concept to preFEED to detailed design for our technology and facilities and related projects. Our deep engineering expertise combined with our technical knowledge delivers seamless, smooth success.

Expander Energy Engineering


  • Commercial and Demonstration plants
  • Full Scale GTL, BTL, BGTL™ and biomass power facilities
  • Bitumen and heavy oil – partial upgrading of bitumen (PUB) to full upgrading and refining
  • Gasification to support green power, BGTL™ and gasification FTCrude® facilities

Our dedicated Management Team has decades of expertise in all aspects of the energy industry. Expander hand selects all engineers to work on our projects.


We can oversee the smooth running of facilities, while continuing to make any engineering changes necessary to optimize throughput and operating efficiency.


We licence our technology throughout North America and the world.

Expander is sole owner of our BGTL™ and FTCrude® process technologies. All processes are patented or patent pending worldwide.

Expander and Air Technic are shared owners of the patented Gasification technologies. (Expander 100% ownership in Canada, USA, Mexico and Air Technic 100% ownership in the Czech Republic, Russia and Slovakia, with the balance of the world shared jointly.)

Expander developed and sold its Enhanced GTL technology to Rocky Mountain GTL Inc. while retaining a major ownership of this company.