• About Expander Energy

The world is evolving to a lower carbon future and Expander is here to meet the growing demand for sustainable environmental fuels.

About Expander Energy

Expander builds, operates, and licenses state of the art Biomass/Gas to Liquids and FTCrude® facilities that economically produce sustainable and environmentally friendly synthetic fuels.

Market forces have aligned perfectly for our technology:

  • Demand for clean diesel is rising to meet Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) targets
  • World wide recognition of Paraffinic Diesel (SynDiesel®)
  • Surplus of natural gas with low and stable pricing
  • Support of local municipalities
  • Government regulations
  • CO2 Reduction Measures
  • Flaring & venting restrictions
  • 2-4% blending regulations across Canada for biofuels
  • Global requirements to reduce sulphur in Aviation ad Marine fuels

Consumers want it, governments are mandating it, and we can provide it.

  • About Expander Energy Leadership
Steve Price at Expander Energy

Steve Price


Chief Executive Officer

Steve Price has over 40 years experience in engineering and management including corporate operations, evaluations, facility design and operations. His practical knowledge in biomass and renewable energy systems, with green and low carbon fuels makes him invaluable in the development of Canada’s first Biomass-to-Liquids plant. Steve also has extensive experience in multi-stakeholder engagement, working with various groups such as landowners, First Nations, government and non-government agencies. Formerly, he is past President of Unitech Energy Resources Ltd., Vice President of HCO Energy Ltd., Vice President of Bralorne Resources Inc., and Manager of Ranchmen’s Resources Ltd.

James Ross at Expander Energy

James H. Ross

B.A., C.Dir

Chief Financial Officer

James Ross has over 35 years experience in the investment industry including executive management, small capital investment banking, venture capital, private equity, and sales and trading. James held leadership positions at Jennings Capital Inc. and C-Free Power Corp., a renewable energy company (now Good Energies Capital), a Director and Shareholder of Platinum Communications (now ZplorNet), and a Director of Glenbriar Technologies Inc. (now Uniserve Communications). James was CEO and Director of Expander Energy Inc. from 2010 – 2017 prior to becoming CEO and President of Rocky Mountain GTL Inc. a clean energy midstream company that designs, constructs and operates “small scale Gas to Liquids” plants. James is also CEO and co-founder of Alberta Clean Technologies (VCC) Ltd.

Steve Kresnyak at Expander Energy

Steve Kresnyak


Chief Technical Officer

Steve Kresnyak has spent over 40 years as a consulting engineer worldwide in the upstream, downstream and offshore hydrocarbon energy industry. He has extensive EPC/EPCM experience and is the technology developer and inventor of many world issued process patents including Expander’s EGTL™ for Gas to Liquids, BGTL™ for Biomass/Gas to Liquids, Biomass Gasification, and FTCrude® process technology for bitumen, heavy oil and refinery bottoms upgrading. His areas of expertise include facilities for natural gas production, NGL extraction, deep cut turboexpander, SAGD heavy oil production, bitumen upgrading, refining, coking, hydro-processing, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, gasification, syngas production, Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS), offshore production platforms and subsea flow assurance. For over 30 years Steve was involved in EPC lump sum projects, leader for front end project development teams, technical specialist and technology development lead with Colt Engineering Corporation (now Worley Canada). Steve has authored several patents.

Larry Haggar at Expander Energy

Larry B. Haggar

P.Eng. BASc

Director and Advisor

Larry Haggar graduated from the University of Waterloo with a B.A.Sc. (Chemical Engineering) in 1971 and immediately launched his career in the Alberta oilsands before moving on to the international oil and gas sector. He has extensive experience in engineering design, supervision and project management and natural gas processing in the petrochemical industry. He mastered conceptual design, process selection, process simulation, risk assessment and commissioning and start-up of processing plants in North America, U.K., Dubai, Netherlands, Italy, Egypt and Abu Dhabi. Larry was a partner at Colt Engineering (now Worley Canada) for over 20 years, and now plays a vital role as an independent investor engaged in developing sustainable energy production in a global framework.

Gordon N. Crawford


Vice President Engineering

Gordon Crawford has 30 years experience in engineering and project management. Prior to joining Expander, Mr. Crawford was Co-Founding Partner and Vice President of an established mid sized EPC engineering firm in Edmonton Alberta. Mr. Crawford has assembled and managed high-performance teams for oilsands projects including extraction, upgrading and utility areas along with managing upstream gas processing and power generation projects. Mr. Crawford is well versed in the clean energy sector and will be overseeing the next phase of commercialization of Expander’s portfolio of patented renewable fuel technologies.

Wayne Egan at Expander Energy

Wayne Egan


Director and Advisor

Mr. Egan was a founding partner and long term Board Member of The Colt Companies and Colt Engineering (now Worley Canada).  Mr. Egan has over 38 years of EPCM-EPC experience in the Canadian hydrocarbon energy industry with extensive experience in management, technical and marketing/sales.  Wayne’s technical experience includes the processing and transportation of oil, heavy oil, bitumen, and natural gas as well as water treatment and energy conservation.  Mr. Egan is the author of several patents.

John Mcleod at Expander Energy

John G.F. McLeod

P.Eng. FEC

Director and Advisor

John McLeod has over 40 years of technical, operational and management experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, both domestic and international. He was with Amoco Canada in Western Canada and the USA, including 4 years as Chief Engineer, and has been involved in projects in China, Papua New Guinea, India, Georgia, Guinea, Sudan, Oman and Egypt.  John is a co-founder of Expander Energy Inc. and is currently a Director for several upstream petroleum companies. Mr. McLeod is a past President of APEGA.