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Time to expand your ideas about energy. Like converting waste or low value feedstock, like biomass and bitumen residuals, into clean, reliable and renewable fuels. If you like the sound of that, you’ll love Expander.

With Consumers and Governments worldwide looking for solutions to shrink carbon footprints, Expander is positioned to play a significant role in global greenhouse gas emission reduction for the energy industry. Our revolutionary technology is providing a bridge to the fuels of the future right now.


Low carbon is no problem. We have the technology.

Creating clean burning synthetic fuel from natural gas
We are building Canada’s First Gas to Liquids (GTL) facility (with Rocky Mountain GTL Inc.) to convert natural gas into clean synthetic fuel that Expander has branded SynDiesel® and SynJet®.

Creating clean burning synthetic fuel from biomass
Expander’s Biomass and Gas to Liquids technology can manufacture synthetic clean burning biofuels like SynDiesel® and SynJet® from a variety of biomass feedstocks including landfill/forestry wood waste, agricultural waste, sludge and MSW.

Creating green electricity from biomass
Expander is introducing proven technology to North America that is capable of producing green electricity from biomass feedstock.

Making heavy oil cleaner and easier to transport
Our FTCrude® technology can transform the refining, upgrading and transport of heavy oil. That means no coker, no petcoke and no diluent.

Producing fuels economically
Our technologies produce fuel cost-effectively at small scale.

Gasifier Technology

Proven green, renewable fuel technology that the world needs right now.

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